Patio Repairs Perth

Patio and Pergola Repairs Perth

Breathe new life into your existing patio—and enjoy it for years to come!

Deciding whether to go down the patio repair or patio replacement route? Evaluating structural damages can be difficult, but we can help!

Our patio and pergola repairs Perth team will provide you with professional advice and recommendations to best solve your outdoor renovations issues in the most timely and cost-effective way.

Whether it’s a gable patio, flat patio, carport or pergola, the Venture Outdoor team is equipped and experienced to handle any repair.

Patio Repairs Perth | Pergola Repairs Perth

Pergola Column Rot

Patio Repairs Perth | Pergola Repairs Perth

Your safety is our number one priority when inspecting patios, decks and pergolas, as some structural damage can be dangerous for you and your family. Therefore, our team is always mindful to recommend the quickest solutions with the longest, most reliable life expectancy.

Patio Repairs Perth | Pergola Repairs Perth

Attached Gable Patio | Structural Elements

Timber Patios

The most common issues with timber patios is wet rot. Without proper maintenance, we find the wooden elements can soak rainwater and swell, creating the perfect environment for fungal spores to develop. After years of unprotected exposure, timber patios can lose strength, sag and run the risk of collapsing.

Steel Patios

Unfortunately, even steel patios can have their issues, most commonly rust. Hidden elements connecting to your house fascia and guttering can collect water and begin to damage the roof and exterior. Just one small exposed area can cause rust to form. As always, our team will use top quality materials, such as colorbond steel. 


    • damaged or rusted beams
    • damaged or rusted sheets
    • damaged or weathered infills
    • damaged or weathered skylights, gutters, downpipes and flashings 
    • columns

    • reinforce existing structures to take cedar lining
    • find and fix leaks to the patio or house eaves
    • modify existing structures to increase roof pitch
Patio Repairs Perth

Insurance Work

Bad weather can do more than just ruin a picnic. If you’ve been hit by a storm, flood or other unexpected force, our patio repair team is on the job! We’ll have your patio, carport, or pergola looking like new as soon as possible.

Replace vs. Repair

Not sure if you should repair or replace your patio or pergola? It’s always best to consult an expert! Our helpful team offers an obligation-free quote, customised to best suit you, your budget and your home.

  • Don’t hesitate, renovate! Leaving your damaged patio could:

    • be dangerous for your family
    • be more expensive if you wait
    • damage your house roof/exterior—and in extreme cases, the house interior
Patio Repairs Perth
Patio Repairs Perth

Need Planning Permission?

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it [full info here]. Being fully conversant with council regulations, we can handle all the red tape and paperwork, leaving you time to relax and get ready to enjoy your new outdoor space. At Venture Outdoor, we always go above and beyond to ensure your new renovations looks great and stand the test of time.

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  • We can handle every aspect of your outdoor renovation
  • We handle all council applications and approvals
  • We work with trusted, quality brands
  • We work closely with our clients for a personalised result
  • Our staff are industry trained and experienced
  • We’re fully insured and quality controlled

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