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Number of Posts 1 2 3 4 5+
Size of Post
76 x 38 x 1.6 $1450 $1775 $2850 $3550 +$800
90 x 90 x 2.0 $1500 $1875 $3000 $3750 +$850
100 x 100 x 2.0 $1550 $1975 $3150 $3950 +$900
100 x 100 x 3.0 $1600 $2075 $3300 $4150 +$950

Please Note:

*Prices are offered as an estimate and are subject to review upon a site inspection by a member of the Venture Outdoor team.

*Prices do not include heavy digging. If jackhammering of old footings is required a $50 charge per footing will be applicable.

*All care will be taken to return the existing paving to its original condition. The customer acknowledges that some pavers may be damaged during removal and will have replacement pavers ready if required. If insufficient pavers are provided the customer will take responsibility to replace remaining pavers in their own time/expense. 

*Special conditions apply to columns surrounded by existing concrete.

Patio Post & Column Repairs

Rust can cause major damage to patio posts and may compromise the structural integrity of your patio, risking injury to people and damage to property. Venture Outdoor offers a complete patio post replacement service adding life to your patio and value to your home.

Why do patio posts rust?

  • Welded seems produced in the manufacturing process must be powder coated to protect joins and prevent rust and corrosion. 
  • Poor joints, poor installation or uncapped posts can result in water leaks that pool at the bottom of the post. 
  • Installation of pavers is a common cause of damage to patio posts. Impact from pavers can chip and scratch the surface of posts damaging the protecting powdercoat and galvanised coating leading to premature rusting.
  • Different environments such as close proximity to swimming pools or the coast can expose posts to salt and chlorinated water causing premature rusting.

Hollow steel columns and patio posts that are poorly installed or have been exposed to some form of impact can start to show premature rust over a short period of time. What seemed to be only minor damage can develop heavy exfoliating rust that can lead to crushing or splitting of the post and even a structural collapse.

Our inspection team can help to determine whether the rust on your patio posts are cosmetic surface rust or serious exfoliating rust that risks collapse and needs replacing with a most timely and cost-effective solution.

The Venture Outdoor team is professional and experienced to handle any repair, whether it’s a gable patio, flat patio, carport or pergola.

Patio post repairs

Rusted Patio Post Repairs

Rusted patio post repairs

Patio Post Repairs


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