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A sunroof allows you to let in the sun light as you want, keeping out the heat & rain.

Perfectly suited to the West-Australian climate, a louvred, adjustable sunroof is a must.

Imagine having a roof that you can adjust to suit the elements. Flick a switch to keep the fierce WA sun out, then flick it again to let the sea breeze filter through and protect you from the rain. Manufactured by Stratco, the Outback Sunroof Patio features innovative and electronically controlled louvres to make year-round entertaining a reality.

By adjusting the rotating louvres with the hand-held remote, you can easily control the level of sunlight, shade and weather shielding. The system has an inbuilt rain sensor that will automatically close the blades if rain is detected. When the louvres are completely shut they form a beautiful ceiling-like interlocking profile that protects you from the weather.

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